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Clean, Simple, Functional Design.

With over 17 years of design, development and usability experience, I've learned that clean, simple, design yields the best results. Keeping the customer in mind is always my top priority. Helping you keep your customers in mind is paramount.

Clean, Simple, Functional Design

What I do

I make the design process for your project easy and efficient. While keeping your customer in mind, I complete your project to deadline and to budget.

What I expect

With communication and planning, I complete projects faster than firms and agencies. I'm looking for a partnership to make a great product.

What we achieve

A project that meets not only your needs, but your customers' needs. A project with a clean, simple style that doesn't look dated in six months.


I not only have design and development experience, but also business experience. With both aspects, I create better products. I can work within budget and time constraints without a diva attitude.

Print Design

InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Pre-Press, Production, Brochures, Large-Scale, Advertising

Responsive/Web Design

Bootstrap, Cross-Browser/Mobile Compatibility, WordPress, HTML, CSS & SASS, Photoshop, WebStorm, Magento

UI/UX Design

Vizio, Balsamiq, EffectiveUI - Creating Better Software class, Information Architecture, Low- and High-Fidelity Wireframes & Mockups

Product Management

Agile Software Development, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, sprint.ly, Kayako

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Amy Kinsler

Amy Kinsler

Web, Print & Graphic Designer


With over 17 years of experience, I am a designer that can take any project and make it a reality. I have experience in web, mobile and responsive design, graphic design, e-commerce, UI design, UX design, advertising, newspaper design and print pre-press and production. I also have training in search engine optimization as well as usability standards and methodology.

I have worked on large projects as well as small and have followed web products/sites as well as print projects from conception to completion. Many employers and clients have found my diverse background to be a great asset when I do work for them. Not only am I creative, but I have a business side that is ever-present when I do work. With so many years of training, I strike a good balance between budget, deadlines, creativity and functionality on every project.





Site Design, Usability, Taxonomy, Analytics and more

Software and Skills used: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Omniture, Web Trends, Magento, A/B testing, MySQL database queries, JIRA, Kayako, Pivotal Tracker, Bootstrap, jQuery, Cross-Browser/Mobile Compatibility, WordPress, Git, Beanstalk, HTML, CSS, some basic PHP, Agile Software Development, Product Management, Functional Specification Documentation, Vizio, Balsamiq, EffectiveUI - Creating Better Software class, Information Architecture, Site Navigation Taxonomy, Microsoft Excel, Notepad++, CodeLobster, POS systems like RetailPro and SKU Admin, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Pre-Press and Press Check at Printing Facility.

Third-Party Integrations: Endeca, Certona, Power Reviews, Omniture, Google Analytics, NetSuite, three separate Magento upgrades

Description: With over 13 years of ecommerce experience, I have been involved in many designs and functional projects. I was the lead for web functionality and product development at two companies. I drove changes to primary conversion areas on the sites, such as product page, shop cart, checkout and baby registry. Many of the changes I wrote the functional specifications as well as coded and designed most of the frontend elements. Some examples of projects are, but not limited to: checkout redesign, shopcart redesign, product page redesign, baby registry brought in-house and designed, as well as two Magento upgrades and several Magento module installations. In addition, I have crafted site category structure and implemented or maintained many third-party systems. Usability testing and user-focused design practices have been something I try to implement at every company I work at and every project I take on. Lastly, for the past two years, I have been helping to implement the Agile software development approach while using Pivotal Tracker.

Note: eToys.com and BabyUniverse.com were purchased by Toys R Us in 2009 and no longer are live.

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Newsletters and Blog Posts

Newsletters and Blog Posts

Numerous Companies

Software used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Email Service Providers: Constant Contact, Bronto, YesMail, HTML, CSS, WordPress

Description: When I started the Marketing department at Right Start, I also started their first newsletters to be sent out weekly. Once the Marketing department was established, I moved over to IT and transitioned the newsletters to a designer. I have also designed newsletters for My Twinn, Unilever, R.R. Donnelley, among others.

I have written several pieces for the Right Start blog, Babyshower.com as well as for the Vermont-Oxford-Network for NICU Care in the United States and Canada. One of my posts was republished on the Sunnybrook Health Centre website based in Toronto, Canada.

Rightstart Blog Posts

Babyshower.com Post

Sunnybrook Healthcare Site Post

Right Start Mobile Ecommerce Web Site

Right Start

Mobile Ecommerce Web Site

Software & Skills used: Magento, some PHP, HTML, CSS, Product Management, Rally, Functional Specification Documentation

Description: As head of Web Functionality and Product Development, I was tasked with requirements gathering and design of a new mobile version of our Magento-based web site. Due to resource limitations, we were unable to implement a fully-responsive site at the time. But, this design did convert more mobile users to the site upon launch.

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iHome eKids Disney Creativity Studio

iHome eKids Disney Creativity Studio

National Full-Page Print Advertising

Software used: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat

Description: Freelance project for iHome eKids Disney Creativity Studio App. National Full-Page Print Advertising and Online Banner Distribution.

My Twinn Original Design Doll Outfits

My Twinn Original Designs

Doll and Girl Outfits

Software used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat

Description: Freelance project for My Twinn Ecommerce Web Site. I designed original outfits for 18" dolls as well as matching outfits for 18" dolls and girls. I worked closely with My Twinn management, a fabrics/fashion designer in Toronto, Canada and the outfits were manufactured in China.

Tucker Holmes Responsive Bootstrap Web Site

Tucker Holmes

Bootstrap Responsive Web Site

Software used: WebStorm, Photoshop, Illustrator, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Font-Awesome

Description: For this freelance project, I was tasked with modernizing a law firm's primary web site. They needed a low-maintenance web site that could be updated quickly and allow for growth.

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New Global Telecom Brochure

New Global Telecom

Multi-Page Print Brochure

Software used: QuarkXpress, Acrobat, Pre-Press and Press Check at Printing Facility.

Description: As the creative director of an advertising agency, I created a multi-page brochure to discuss business decisions to consider when implementing VoIP technology.

Colorado Bike Law Responsive Bootstrap Web Site

Colorado Bike Law

Bootstrap Responsive Web Site

Software used: WebStorm, Photoshop, Illustrator, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Font-Awesome

Description: For this freelance project, I was tasked with modernizing an advocate web site for Colorado bicyclists. They needed a low-maintenance web site that could serve their needs for years to come without looking dated. The client was very pleased with the final result.

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Right Start

What people say

  • “If you want someone who is not only a team player but also able to step up to lead a department I would highly recommend Amy. She is a good example of someone who has not only the talent, but the technical and the people skills very much in high demand today! She would be a true asset to any organization!“

    Van T. / Senior UX Designer

  • “Amy is a very dedicated and goal oriented employee. Because she has several years experience as both a product owner and an online marketer, she has a wide variety of high level skills to help lead a team or project. Her great personality demonstrates integrity and trustworthiness which makes you feel completely comfortable. Amy is a great team player and would add great value to any business.“

    Brandon T. / Technical Product Manager

  • “Amy has a great eye for aesthetics and design as well as being detail-oriented and extremely organized. In addition, she has an excellent sense for usability and is also a savvy front-end coder. Her years of experience, talent and strong work ethic allow her to make a big impact on several projects at once. She is a solution-driven manager and is a huge asset to any organization that she’s a part of. “

    Brady F. / Licensed ESL Teacher & Volunteer Coordinator

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